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"Jeffrey has helped me immensely, he made me 100 times more confident in math. He made math a lot easier for me by showing me techniques to help solve questions and by explaining things that I didn't understand very well. He made the lessons fun but at the same time productive!!

I would recommend him to anyone who studies Math!!!" 


"Jeffrey is a brilliant, kind, intelligent young man who encouraged my son greatly to improve his confidence and ability when studying for GCSE Maths.

My son transformed from hating the subject to considering a career in Accounting.

He was very patient and kept pushing my son to do his best via his teaching methods and other learning online tools.
He is part of the family no
w !!
Please book with Jeffrey, you won't be disappointed !!"


"Jeffrey is such a great tutor! He turned up on time and had a fab lesson with my son. He is very patient and made the session valuable...... so glad he will be my son's tutor!!!!"

Gem S

"Jeffrey is a brilliant tutor. He has helped my son so much and given him a broad understanding of math. He is always on time for his lessons and does beyond expectations."


"Jeffrey has demonstrated his ability to work dynamically and effectively with all members of society, as seen through his work with the Youth church. In particular, he works exceptionally well with children. Jeffrey is extremely good at breaking down concepts for easier understanding; his positive demeanour and enthusiasm made learning extremely pleasant."


"Jeffrey was patient, clear, and helpful."


"I thought I'd share some good news with you, Jeffrey as I received my IB results yesterday, and I managed to score 43/45! Most importantly, I got a 6 (A) in higher-level maths! I honestly couldn't believe it as I struggled so much in year 12. I wanted to thank you as you've helped me improve a lot throughout the year and I do owe some of my success in maths to you, so thank you!"


"We just wanted to let you know how pleased we are that Macy switched her tuition to you, Jeffrey. She loves your enthusiasm and you hav a real gift for presenting material in a relatable, highly consumable way. We need to let you know how positively Macy has responded to you. We have tried so many math tutors and we've just never found someone who had the right mix of knowledge and accessibility - we are relieved that finally, we've gotten that!! Thanks!"