Mission and values

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Every student or individual has pondered these questions: "how can I learn better? how can I guarantee my success in my exams? how can I stay motivated?"  We have seen scores of individuals deal with this dilemma and many fail to come to a conclusive resolve fit to pursue. PAIVALEARNING was founded with the intent of helping students develop and excel in the right way possible. 

At PAIVALEARNING, our primary goal has always been to engage individuals with educational content and intriguing materials to stir up an INNER vision always in every worthwhile endeavour they do. We believe that every individual has an INNER vision and when that is unearthed, it informs their educational and future needs, and the desire to improve and excel. We have continued challenging the status quo through tutoring, materials, mentoring, and aiding students at various levels - KS3, GCSE, IB, A-levels, and University - to excel in their exams and career pursuits.
Our tailored plans for individuals' approach to learning, and innovative materials create an assured environment and relatable experiences that enable clients to develop the knowledge, understanding, and wisdom to excel in their education and future pursuits. We do this by employing our THREE-STEP STRATEGY consistently and 90% of our students perform well, study better and achieve excellent results. Our strategy involves learning (how to learn and understand concepts), application (how to use the knowledge and understanding in questions or real-life situations), and testing (does it work and make complete and plausible sense?)

Jeffrey, the founder of Paivalearning, has been tutoring for over six years, in schools and privately, assisting students to achieve excellent results. With an engineering degree from University College London and over 10,000 hours of teaching experience with students across different academic levels, Jeffrey has consistently assisted students to not only excel but also pursue their studies and future aspirations with aplomb.