Exams and challenging yourself


It is often said that no man is an island and I passionately believe that to be true. I naturally enjoy doing things on my own and accomplishing feats, yet I have found that I gain more, achieve more, learn more, and excel more when I do things with the help of another person. There is nothing like having the right person next to you through periods of excellence, struggles, and falls. It is always good to have a friend you can count on where necessary.

A while back in school, I was doing quite well in my academics - at least from my perspective - in school, scoring high grades and consistently placing in the top five in class. Yet to my uttermost surprise, a moment in school would transform my academics and effectively my life forever. Based on my performance in a mock exam, the principal of the school felt I had not put enough effort and time to study and get a really high grade on my exams and therefore was reflected in my results. I had to sign a bond or, if you like, a contract, declaring to put maximum time, energy, and resources towards my final mock exam and achieving the agreed-upon grade. Failure to live up to the contract was tantamount to, and get this, not taking my final exams! And guess what? I had to sign the dotted line! And sign I did. Ain't that amazing?!

I was distraught! I felt like I had just lost my freedom; time to enjoy myself, watch movies, and play video games. I was hurt yet the contract kept ringing in my mind and compelled me to action. One night, as I sat on the couch pondering what I was going to do, a thought came to mind about linking up with a friend to study and not just any friend or person, someone who would challenge my thinking for the better and improve my overall attitude. After spending a few weeks studying people, I finally chose the right person and I could not have made a better decision. It was amazing knowing that I had several friends yet because I knew what I wanted to achieve and the kind of habits I needed to cultivate, none of my friends then could help. 

We began meeting every day after school to recap the lessons of the day and revise old content from previous years just to be well abreast and conversant with the content. This continued month after month, consistently. Interestingly, I improved drastically, not just in my exam but across all academics and behaviour. Attitude, discipline, focus...you name it were firm attributes tied to my person. Joining a responsible mate to learn, to study, is a good thing. The effective partnership can unlock dormant skills, docile attributes that can kick-start your future aspirations. 

Mock exams are coming up. Final exams are not too far away. It is not late to find a sound individual or a group of individuals to study with, grow, and learn with along the way. It is time. Don't feel shy or intimidated at all because you have an agreement with your future to be the best you can be and give your best in every pleasing opportunity you have now. Stand up now! Get up! and move!