Beyond me...


I usually spend some time every morning to process my thoughts; how the day is going to pan out, what I need to do for the day, the week, and what I can achieve diligently. I think it's a good discipline that has carefully guided me for a good part of five years. Isn't that interesting? Or boring...? You decide! 
I can't deny how much thought has gone into how I want my day to pan out, as though I have full control of it. [Smiles]. I take pride in knowing that I have achieved certain things that I set out to do, but that's just a minute picture of the canvas. It doesn't always pan out that way at all - many a time!
Is it not interesting that there are many things that seem outside human comprehension or scope? Things that simply leave us dumbfounded? There are many things outside our strength and we attribute it as supernatural. We have all had one of those moments that has eclipsed our intellect, leaving us awed by the sheer impossibility that lay before us.
I recall a few years back something happened which left me sad for a period. I had just finished my two-year course at college, well-primed for the next step - University. Everything seemed perfect and my plan was unfolding beautifully. By mid-August, the results had arrived and I scored high in the exams. I had the highest grade possible. The plan was not only in view and unfolding, it was just perfect; every want, desire, and aim were within reach! What could possibly go wrong? What? For some reason, Student finance denied my application, and no quantity or quality of written letters, documentation could revert that decision. I was distraught! Through that period, my Uni kept messaging to confirm my place, and sadly it wasn't to be! Nothing worked! And I mean nothing! What on earth is this? Where do I go from here? Many people have been in situations like this, or something entirely different with no way out whatever. Others have found it out the hard way, running into hurdles, stone walls, or even mishaps and it sadly ends tragically. Others see the misty clouds from afar and don't even attempt the journey. Some people continue in the throes of the storm, not knowing a way out while facing a story without an ending! I guess the point is vividly clear: Many things can be potentially achieved in life but few things can be done humanly! 
Does this spell doom for humanity, that we are in a highly-restricted world? Or is there a way out to face life with help from beyond? Many people might think of Star Trek (May the Force be with you), or Superman or some powers that be. What I bring to you is something better. He is called the HOLY SPIRIT! He is cool! A comfort, an enabler, and a helper! I like those words a lot in His description! He is the person that can aid us in accomplishing those insurmountable dreams, obstacles, and opportunities. He is the one that comforts us in a time of distress, pain, and suffering. He is the one that reveals those hidden keys and secrets that are needed to uncover a mystery. He has helped me a lot in this journey called life and He will do the same for you.I'll continue my story, my friends. I was in a gloomy situation carrying the expectation of family and friends. What lay ahead for me now? In all the sadness and toll, God was watching quietly and patiently because He already had a lovely plan. Funny enough, He had shown me some six months earlier about my deferred entry when I went for a University open day. Everyone in my company for the open day had the year's entry prospectus while mine, alone, was tagged for the following year. I was shocked. "Why would they do that? That's so unprofessional." God was speaking and I wasn't sensitive to it. They all exclaimed, "It's just an honest mistake and besides, it is literally the same information." So, I let it slide and carried on with my daily activities. So yes, I didn't go to a university that year, however, God took me through a process of developing as a person and a professional. I landed my first job as a teaching assistant at a school and it was a rewarding and refreshing experience - impacting the lives of the students and teachers alike! And the following year, I got into university, University College London (U.C.L) - a better one for that matter. You know, the Scriptures tell us that any time a great undertaking is in view, the Spirit comes upon that individual to carry out the task. Samson, Jesus, Peter, and many other biblical characters are all testaments to this! And you and I can revel in this, too - to go into a realm devoid of the natural and solely operating in the supernatural. And it's possible - very possible. Many happenings in my Life have been enabled by the HOLY SPIRIT. Many! And I'm grateful to Him for that. He has become my friend and confidant. 
I invite you, friends, for us to embark on this journey to have a rendezvous with Him, an encounter with Him to translate us into heavenly beings! I have made this decision to explore Him and His presence, will you join me?